Chicano Poet

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

An Accusatory Poem First Scratched On The Side
Of A Rich Man’s Car
(Don’t Worry, Of Course,
He Had Insurance, He Was Rich Wasn’t He!)

You see this all the time,
a pretty girl walking down the street
unaware she’s tucked her skirt into her panties.

You see this all the time,
a child blown up by Israeli bombs,
the child did not know it was the enemy.

You see this all the time,
a fourteen-year-old Chicano punk
killed by another Chicano punk, why?

Apparently there’s never a why
and the sun sets on the senseless killing
and the moon rises on the senseless killing.

All I can tell you is that I never
tuck my skirt in my panties.
I never drop Israeli bombs on children,

I never kill fourteen-year-old Chicano punks.
You see this all the time
and you never do anything about it.


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