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Friday, September 01, 2006

“ Twenty American passenger planes were lost over the Atlantic Ocean within
hours of each other. American authorities confirm that it was terrorism. Rescue
planes have reported no survivors and little or no debris. The lame-duck President
is vacationing in Crawford and has not yet commented on the tragedy. It is not
known when he will address the nation.”

from the special edition of The New York Times
Dec. 23, 2008

The Unfoiled Plot

The planning took years,
I’m not at liberty to say how long.
We never used the telephone,

we never used emails,
we didn’t use the Internet.
We did not write anything

(pertaining to our plans) down on paper.
It was all word of mouth.
We were going to blow up

American planes over the Atlantic,
halfway across, over the Mid-Atlantic Ridge.
We were going to blow up twenty planes

to show the Great Satan his evil ways.
Twenty of us women were recruited
into the service of God.

The liquid explosives were injected
into our breast implants and triggered
by electric charges hidden in our eyeglasses.

This poem was turned over to British authorities
by family members of one of the female suicide
bombers. The poem offers the only clue as to how
the tragedy of Dec. 23 was carried out.


At 8:54 PM, Blogger Brian Boutwell said...

I just realized I haven't linked you yet. I need to keep up more regularly.

At 10:27 AM, Blogger RC said...

Hey,Brian,thanks for dropping by.I just linked to you,always enjoy your poetry.


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