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Friday, December 15, 2006

Chicano Soldier

I landed on Omaha Beach,
trekked through Europe, North Africa,
the Bulge, the boot of Italy,

I landed in the Solomons, Guam,
the Philippines, Okinawa,
battled the heat, the kamikazes,

the torpedoes, the loneliness, the boredom
and somehow I made it home.
Later I ended up in the Korean War,

yeah, the one that's still going on right now.
I fought in the Viet Nam War,
fought in the jungles, the bamboo,

the sweat, fought the child-enemies,
somehow I made it home.
And now, well, now

I fight in Baghdad,
the snipers, the IEDs.
I hope to make it home.


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