Chicano Poet

Monday, April 30, 2007

Looking For Raquel Welch

When Artemio arrives home,
it’s dark o’clock in the shade
and the clouds sweat rain.

At baggage claim,
a girl grabs Artemio’s bag by mistake,
he points out her error,

she apologizes profusely,
her smile glistens
in the terminal long after she’s gone.

Artemio hails a taxi,
the Interstate is jammed at this time of day,
the Neanderthal taxi driver

is apparently still evolving,
still surviving,
still hunting and gathering.

Artemio grunts when he
gets to his destination,
and the Neanderthal grunts back.

As he steps out of the taxi,
Artemio looks around for Raquel Welch,
but it’s a million years too late.


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