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Friday, May 04, 2007

Prayer For Anna Nicole Smith

Lord (if that’s what you truly are)
accept this girl called Anna Nicole,
though that was not her real name,

but, hell, you’re a smart-ass,
you know her real name, you know
she was raped at nine,

you, of all people, know she tried
to kill herself at sixteen,
you know she ran away

from a devilish family
and became a Playboy model.
Lord, you gave her those breasts

and that vagina,
yes, your best creations
finally paid off, at least, for her.

But soon the tabloids killed her,
and the greedy lovers and relatives
kept her lifeless body in limbo

in a Florida morgue,
every orifice plugged
to keep her essence from escaping.

Lord (wink)
accept this lost girl
who was hounded to death,

lay her body down next to Marilyn
for eternity --- if you, indeed,
possess that kind of power. Chump.


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