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Friday, April 04, 2008

The last few poems I have posted employ a style
I call the el cardenas, for obvious reasons. It utilizes
couplets which may or may not rhyme. The title and
the last line of the poem must deal with the same
subject, either literally or at least via allusion. The
body of the el cardenas must deal with an entirely
different subject.

Elegy For The Young Heartthrob Marlon Brando

The third graders plotted to kill their teacher.
The media has a field day and becomes a preacher.

They collected weapons like Dylan Thomas poems.
A lovable Captain Kangaroo’s manliness goes boing.

Bunny Rabbit and Dancing Bear were brought in to help.
Fox News demanded the kids be turned into kelp.

I myself wish the kids had succeeded.
To prove our educational system can’t be exceeded.

I hear angry rumors about me in Creative Writing Class.
By the time Marlon died he’d grown a big fat ass.


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