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Thursday, October 23, 2008

you and your abominable silence…

from The Dead
by Sheryl Luna

The Destruction Of Corpus Christi, Texas
By Nuclear Device, 2012

Your breasts in their cups
as we walked along the bay,

your red hair blowing
in the sea breeze.

A freighter approached the harbor channel,
its Venezuelan flag unfurling.

The whitecaps grabbed the breakwater
with salty hands.

Your blue eyes rushed against me
long ago.

Now all those images settle in the pit of my stomach,
and Corpus Christi’s gone.

After Homeland Security’s two year investigation
into the atomic blast which leveled the Texas town,
it was determined that the nuclear device was destined
for New York City. Why it was armed in the Gulf of
Mexico will, perhaps, forever remain a mystery. Also
disclosed during HS’s investigation: A similar device
had evidently been destined for Tel Aviv. HS has yet
to release any more information.


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