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Thursday, November 06, 2008

from the 1957 movie The Tin Star
starring Henry Fonda, Tony Perkins,
Betsy Palmer, and Neville Brand…

Gunfight At The Ohkey Dohkey Kohral

Rush Limbaugh incites the mob to hang
Tony Perkins’ prisoner while Henry Fonda

advises the young Sheriff so he may survive
the wild, wild West.

The Sheriff’s young wife whose sexxx
is burning underneath long, ruffled underwear

waits on the outskirts of town
where the dust appears to be dust;

the lumber for the town
brought down from the hills

on wagons made in St. Louis.
When the Sheriff confronts Limbaugh,

and slaps him in front of the mob---well,
there’s nothing like the cowardice of a coward.

The day of the presidential election I was listening
to the Rush Limbaugh radio show, and he kept
calling Obama, “that squirrel”, apparently that is
Limbaugh’s snide euphemism for racism. And
today (post election) Comedian Limbaugh is deflated,
grasping at straws, wanting Obama to solve the
problems (created over the last eight Republican years),
he wants Obama to solve all the problems on his first
day in office. He’s trying to incite (like Bogardus) his
ignorant followers who are already lunatics to begin
with. Good luck there, Rushbo.


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