Chicano Poet

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Was Wilson the Soccer Ball the same Wilson from
Tom Hank’s Castaway, the same Wilson who appeared
in Tim Allen’s sitcom? And going back further, Norm’s
wife Vera never appeared on camera, neither did Nile’s
wife Maris. Hottest woman on Wings had to be Alex.
Woman I’d most like to hear scream like a banshee
during sex: Sarah Silverman.

Have been tracking Wilson the Soccer Ball on Google
Ocean, it’s almost made it to the Del Mar Peninsula.

Marty Crane ends up screwing The Goodbye Girl. She’s
a tad heavier now. Does she still hang up panties
in the bathroom?

Eskimos have 367 names for snow, 55 names for igloos,
and no name for Wilson. Poor bastards.