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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

another one from Nahualliandoing

Yotl With Nature

visible and tangible….
el ehecatl transparente
felt as I walk
a lo largo de una senda
strewn with moss and tetl
caresses me y suavemente se aleja
weaving its maitl
through my disheveled cabello
Hardened leaves
that crackle y se disuelven
como paginas from a book
beridden with time….
un rio
atl in which I bathe mis pies….
a reflection of myself
Xochitl de la primavera
perfume of nature
bask themselves in the rays of the tonatiuh
awaiting the dance of las abejas
Yan time has stopped….aqui me encuentro
yotl with nature
perdida en el ayauitl of this timelessness.

by Rebecca Huerta, San Pablo, Ca.


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I'll probably post more Nahua poems from Nahulliandoing.


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