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Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Poem By Jake Gonzales

Max the Wonder Dog

Driving you home was a joy as you sat in the front seat
You were the cutest puppy, fluffy, soft, and huge white feet
We took you in and gave you a name, MAX
Our other dogs welcomed you and licked you, I guess to help you relax
A small pack of mixed mutts was created and you had the most clout
Always so strong even that first month when, from the back yard, you got out
Neighbors called and when I went to get you "he can come play anytime" was what they would say
And as I drove you back home I thought to myself "NO WAY"
Selfish as that may be
You belonged to me
Months would pass and began to grow way bigger that the other two
And as you guys all played out back they knew who was in charge...You
Every day it there was something new I found you had eaten or chewed
And if there was nothing left I sure would find out when you pooed
Sixty pounds of lap dog is what you wanted to be
And there you were curled up in the recliner with me
Always following us around so you wouldn't miss if we did something good
Or was it MAYBE because you thought we were getting up to get you food
Scraps here, scraps there you would sit so perfect and chomp with joy if I gave in
Mom always knew that if you begged for some, I'd always let you win
So when you got sick I laid with you as you glared at me in pain
And with every breath your life was beginning to drain
You began whining letting me know the end was near
So I leaned over and whispered into your ear.............
Goodbye Max, I love you


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