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Sunday, December 05, 2010

The Rat And The Arsenic
by Dr. Quetzalcoatl Sandoval

“The Rock Abrasion Tool is a powerful grinder, able to create a hole 45 millimeters (about 2 inches) in diameter and 5 millimeters (0.2 inches) deep into a rock on the Martian surface.The RAT is located on the arm of the rover and weighs less than 720 grams (about 1.6 lbs). It uses three electric motors to drive rotating grinding teeth into the surface of a rock. Two grinding wheels rotate at high speeds. These wheels also rotate around each other at a much slower speed so that the two grinding wheels sweep the entire cutting area. The RAT is able to grind through hard volcanic rock in about two hours.

Once a fresh surface is exposed, scientists can examine the abraded area in detail using the rover's other science instruments. This means that the interior of a rock may be very different from its exterior. That difference is important to scientists as it may reveal how the rock was formed and the environmental conditions in which it was altered. A rock sitting on the surface of Mars may become covered with dust and will weather, or change in chemical composition from contact with the atmosphere.”

One of the undisclosed RAT findings was an accidental and miraculous discovery of a fossil as it ground away the target rock. After months and months of analysis NASA found that the fossil was an arsenic based life-form. Yes, an arsenic based life-form. So now, Thursday’s bland announcement makes you prick up your ears, makes your heart race, oh how sneaky our government really is. Wait, but there’s more. Let’s bring in Wikileaks. Why are world governments trying, and succeeding in taking down Wikileaks. Because Wikileaks has those fossil documents and was about to release them. So the arsenic story was really a preparation just in case the beans were spilled prematurely.

reprinted by permission of Dr. Sandoval


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