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Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Note From Quetzalcoatl Sandoval

A fact known to only a handful of people on earth is that the Shuttle crew is always comprised of one other “astronaut”, who is never on camera and even in disasters like the Challenger tragedy and the Discovery accident are not identified or named. Right about now you are probably saying, “What the hell is Sandoval talking about.” Well, hold on to your seats, amigos.
The unknown astronaut is an NSA operative-tag-along dude. Or as in the Discovery accident a Mexican-American, Viet Nam vet by the name of Pedro “Pete” Diaz of McAllen, Texas. Though, of course, no one in government will acknowdge it at all. We were able to ascertain some of this story from a cousin of his who of course will remain nameless. He or she showed me photos of Pete inside Discovery on the day of the liftoff. I have no doubts as to his once existence. So according to my source there is always an NSA operative on each Shuttle taking care of agency black ops, in other words, spying on Americans and other hanky panky. So when the next and last Shuttle goes up, keep in mind that besides the regular astronauts there’s an incognito bandito in there in the belly of the beast.

Quetzalcoatl Sandoval is a philosopher/mechanic
well-known for his books on 2012. He dropped by
Papalote this weekend to replace the cluth master
cylinder on my pickup and told me of this fantastic
story. Dude, he showed me the pictures. They are
not, and I repeat, they are not photo-shopped!


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