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Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Barrio Fever

In San Antonio
the walls turn black.

Burros recite poetry
stolen from La Raza.

The girl in the Mexican Bakery
smells of delicious buns.

No one knows
why the Westside sank.

Centeno's ghost fondles a girl
behind a shopping cart.

White people re-route the river
like semen.

The Alamo
moves swiftly.

Buttons on La Sandra's blouse
made of purple chicharones.

A transit bus on Zarzamora
perches atop a cactus.

Las viejitas
joke about time.

A plastic dog
drags away a window.

Indeed the walls
look better black.

My car's submerged in Woodlawn Lake
carjacked by badass Our Lady of the Lake.

Max and Cecilio
walk barefoot across Abbey Road.

Spanish missions dismantled
by Carmen's sexy sweat.

Oh, San Antonio,
what have you done to yourself?

I wish I could Arise!
like Angela.


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