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Friday, June 20, 2014

A friend emailed the link to this review
of my book.

Chronicling Verse

by Wilhelm Logan

Unless the poetry is written by a white man
or a white woman, I do not normally waste
my time reading ethnic poetry, but I had to
make an exception just this one time. Though
I don't consider Chicano poetry an art at all,
the so-called Chicano poet Reyes Cardenas
writes awful, embarrassing verse which I
thought perhaps I could put a stop to. Mr.
Reyes, and I use the term very lightly, pretends
to know white poetry and makes references
to our great white poets. He employs the
surrealism though he has no right the
plagiarize the white invention. He makes fun
and ridicules our exiled Russian poets, he
condemns our condemnation of Siberia. He
has flagrantly stolen characters right out of
Weldon Kees' cold dead hands and used the
characters for his own foul purposes. The thief!
Thievery which he inherits from his Mexican
ancestry, no doubt. Just because he was
discriminated against ( and rightly so), he
calls us gringos. He even writes science
fiction stories which obviously belong to
the white tradition of Asimov and others.
Only other Mexicans would publish this
kind of insulting rubbish. Please do not
buy his books. You will do literature
a big favor.


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