Chicano Poet

Sunday, August 03, 2014

Mil Mascaras

my mil mascaras can kick the hell
out of your mil mascaras

A Lola
no le gustaba por detrĂ¡s

but when Porfirio came home drunk
she let him have his way

el padrastro
le robo la flor a Rosita

ahi en el sofa
while her mother slept

dreaming empty dreams
los vecinos

fought tooth and nail
with the neighbors

el novio de Leticia
beat her for the slightest reasons

so she tried to mend her ways
la mojada jumped a picket fence

and lay down
until the patrol car had passed by

but the cop was only thinking
of donuts and damsels in undress

otherwise the barrio was peaceful
and headed in its own direction


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