Chicano Poet

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Walled-In Train

Long-legged girl of my dreams
I stretch her like fire in my mouth

her eyes cling to each other
as we kiss

her sighs
interrupted by the train

hauling ribs
to those who still hear

pins drop
her panties

like a rose on the carpet
her mother

seated on the floor
of the hot castle

the police station
flies off like an angry bird

my long-legged girl
trembles in her socks

and the wind
melts in my hands

through the open

ponies in the nearby field
of dishwater

and with a knock on the door
even Buddha had those thoughts

live by the word
die by the word

my long-legged girl
whose waist is made of glass

so I can see myself inside of her
as we make love


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