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Saturday, July 03, 2004

Love Me Do

from the album "Sleepytown"

You remember that old Beatles' song
"Love Me Do"? Flaco Jimenez
does an accordion version of it.

I taped it off the Internet
I didn’t download it---
that would be illegal.

Sure somebody can steal my poetry
off the web,but who would want to?
Nobody owns their poetry,anyway!

Sometimes you love me do
and sometimes you don't.
You don't owe Buck Owens anything.

Sometimes you're on Austin City Limits,
sometimes you're on HeeHaw. BR549,Chuniar.
(Borrowed that from La Carmen.)

If you're not an oldie but goodie
this must sound obtuse---
like Anti-Bicicleta Haiku.

Sometimes you have to get out
from behind the tololoche,
if you want to be seen.

Sometimes you have to prove
you're a man,by putting down
the bajo sexto.

This ain't all 'bout mp3s,ese,
sometimes you have to listen to the words
to actually hear the music .


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