Chicano Poet

Monday, August 23, 2004

God Talks To George About The Working Man

God calls Dubya
into the Oval Office
and informs him

that he’d like
to have
the working man destroyed.

"The working man, George,
is the scum
of the earth,

always dreaming
of bettering

always daring
to dream
the impossible dream!"

"So, Georgie,
do you think you
can take care of that?"

And Dubya says,
"Sure, God,
we’ll start with

taking away
his overtime

The working man
lives for overtime pay,
sucking the profits

right out
of our callous

the working man
is always trying
to rip off

our country’s rich people!"
A self-righteous Georgie saluted God
as he left the Oval Office.


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