Chicano Poet

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

The Problem With Being

Mr. Bones is
ticked off
and kicking things,

"What the hell
are you
talking about, Henry?

This phenomenology
don’t mean
a thing

in Iraq,
that hussy Husserl
was just

a mama’s boy
trying to get
back into the womb!"

Henry was used
to Mr. Bones
going ballistic,

but this outburst
still brought
him to his senses.

Certainly, even if
these troops
were vaporized,

certainly that vapor
would still
be something, not nothing.

No disrespect
meant to the dead soldiers-----
Dubya sleeps like a baby

while everybody else
is tortured by the present.
Mr. Bones breaks a bone.

Henry smirks,
"I told you
not to kick that anvil!"


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