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Monday, November 22, 2004

The Stars And Gripes

Henry told
Mr. Bones,
"Must you commentate

upon everything
that happens
in this

godforsaken country
stolen from Aztlan
by the evil white man?"

"That sure
was a mouthful, Henry,
but no

I don’t have to,
as you say,

on everything that happens.
I only commentate
when I see this country

destroying so many
innocent people
in the name

of American values
which have degraded

the whorehouse(sorry, whores!") values
of the Republican

With that said,
Mr. Bones threw up
on the American flag,

half the nation and hisself
and disgusted the other half.

He wiped
his mouth
on the field of stars,

picking out
the one
representing Texas.

Afterwards, he felt so much better
which is more
than we can say for Henry.

Henry frantically
tries to clean
the vomit

from the stars and stripes,
but, nothing
can ever clean this flag again.


At 12:08 AM, Blogger chris said...

Reyes, Hi--

This is great: Mr Bones is really getting down to biz. Nice work!

Best Wishes,
Chris Murray


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