Chicano Poet

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Dressed To Kill, 1938

Mr. Bones was sitting
in the Lockheed Electra 12H
dressed in a Nazi uniform,

waiting for Henry
whose luggage
was being checked

by the French.
When Henry finally
boarded and

sat down
next to Mr. Bones
he whispered,

"If your paperwork
wasn’t such a good forgery
you’d be in jail right now!"

"Well, Henry, apparently,
here in Casablanca,
if you can afford it

you can buy anything.
That fat man
works miracles." quipped Bones.

As the plane was descending
it looked like
a nude descending a staircase,

you could see the Statue of Liberty,
you could see the place

one day in the future
two towering buildings would stand
and then crumble.

Then the plane banked left
and landed
in New Jersey.

They took the train
into their mothers’ wombs,
time was not yet born.


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