Chicano Poet

Monday, January 17, 2005

Movida Chueca

Mr. Bones aNdAbA
en la movida chueca
cheating on his girlfriend

with one of the babes
down at the
topless club.

He parked Rocinante
on the post in front
right next to the limos

that bring the
cats in suits
with the moolah.

"A horse is a horse,
a horse, a horse…"
sang Rocinante.

"Sure miss
Don Hippote
of La Plancha,

his women
weren’t as well-formed
as these chiquitas,

but, then,
they didn’t charge you
twenty bucks

just to sit on your lap."
Rocinante flicked his tail
as he waited for Mr. Bones Panza.

The fly moved out of the way
of the aforementioned flicking tail---
the little Vincent Price face grinning.


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