Chicano Poet

Friday, February 04, 2005

Girl Interrupted

Mistress Bradstreet
sits up in bed,

the commotion in the other room
has become too distracting.
When she opens the door

she sees Mr. Bones posing,
his hand shoved in his coat
right at the heart

like a little Napoleon
imprisoned all over again
by this trio.

Bones, Henry, and Norman.
Norman’s hair is disheveled,
his sweater bearing the scars

of battle.
In the portrait Mr. Bones has a mustache
while in real life he don’t.

Her nipples harden
underneath her robe,
and she gives Henry a look,

to replace
the Mona Lisa’s

as difficult
to figure out.

“Henry, darling,
you promised they’d be gone
in an hour.” she whispered in his ear.

“I know, honey, but
you know how Bones is.”
Not much else Henry could say,

except a word or two
that would make no sense---
Bugs Bunny came around the corner.


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