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Thursday, January 27, 2005

The Mona Lisa By Van Gogh

How Mr. Bones had come
into the possession
of the Mona Lisa,

he wouldn’t say.
This is the next day
and they are

in Mr. Bones apartment
in the Village.
His neighbor is

a young poet
who wears sweaters
even in summer time.

His poetry has created
a language all its own,
no poetry, just a language!

Henry doesn’t like him,
but puts up with him
because Mr. Bones

is always making the poet squirm.
this humanizes us all Henry surmised,

and then Henry thought
why am I thinking this?
By this time

Mr. Bones had taken down
the Mona Lisa
and was pointing out

the varied landscape behind her.
"See this barn?" he asked the poet,
but the poet couldn’t see,

"see this half-wall, part Etruscan?"
but the poet couldn’t see.
Poetry is lost on this poet Henry cursed.


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