Chicano Poet

Friday, March 11, 2005

Shoulda Left The Weapons Of Mass Destruction
In Saddam Hussein's Paws

Elmer Fudd
is a hunting
for that

screwy wabbit
in the cartoon forest
made up of

(from what
Mr. Bones can see)
only one tree.

Hey, wait a minute,
that ain’t Elmer Fudd,
that’s Dubya!

He’s poking
his weapons
of mass destruction shotgun

into every hole
in the
red white and blue forest.

Suddenly…oh, no, Dubya accidentally
shoves his shotgun
up his own behind.

Bugs, chewing a carrot,
sticks his head out
from a real hole

in the ground
and barely
has a chance to say

"Eh, what’s up Doc?"
before Dubya blows up
his own Republican asshole.


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