Chicano Poet

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Henry’s Incredible Hulk Episode IV

(A Lonely David Banner Hitchhikes
Inside A Pick Up Truck With You)

In the write situation Henry gets ticked off,
being Jewish and white as white can be,
he turns brown and violent

like an angry chicano mob
ready to cut off Dubya’s balls
and use them for maracas.

He destroys everything in sight,
his computer desk, his monitor,
his computer, the Internet,

yes, that’s why you’ve lost
your always-on connection,
that’s why you can’t dial-up AOL,

that’s why you’re not getting any email,
that’s why you can’t access any pornography,
that’s why you can’t download

pirated mp3 copies of Papalote.
Finally, when the effect wears off,
Henry picks up his tattered clothes.


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