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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Henry’s Star-Spangled Banner By Jimi Hendrix

Tatata taah taah taah, tatata taaah taaah taaah,
guitar squealing like lost freedom, lost soldiers,
black fingers hanging on the neck,

on the body, sliding along the heart strings,
the lips moving to the rhythm
of words that are not words,

the lips deep in the music,
the red white and blue music,
the marijuana march, the drug highs, the drug lows,

a guitar string breaks on the bandana,
London fog, little cat feet, don’t fret,
don’t stick your neck out, about,

don’t let them lay on finger on you,
you feel like the body of a woman,
the music being born, torn, horn,

the guitar catches fire, fireball,
the music burning, crackling,
ashes flying upward like the soul of the Sixties.


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