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Monday, November 21, 2005

Henry’s Elegy For Joyce Kilmer

I object to Objectivism observed Henry
expounding a la Pound
and talking like Huckleberry Hound

about those who had taken over
the language of Tennyson
by making it venison.

Mr. Bones squealed and blurted out,
run Bambi, head for the hills!
Zukofsky devoid of poetic skills

shot his rifle in the air
and because he didn’t have much hair
created such a terrific glare

that it blinded the next generation.
Lew Welch hid out in the forest
and removed the squelch button

from his CB radio.
Hey, Lew, you idiot, you can’t hide out in the trees,
they’re way too concerned with their own beauty!


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