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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Henry’s Tourette Syndrome Love Poem For Reggie

“Come on, lady, I’ve seen continents drift faster than that!”
Becker to an old lady taking her time entering Reggie’s Diner

Love poem for Reggie composed with lines
from Stephen Hawking’s theories,
actually, it’s lines that Wallace Stevens

never used though they would’ve improved his poetry.
Tourette syndrome attack: eff you,
eff you, you effing bitch…!”

Don’t worry, it’s still a love poem,
but, maybe it was written by Rod McKuen
on Stanyan Street,

maybe it’s a love poem
written by a soldier to his girlfriend---
the letter arrives a week after he’s killed in combat.


At 1:05 PM, Anonymous suzanne said...

making a return visit!

got here and
you must
you must
you must
rent the movie

Dirty Filthy Love

(I so hope you haven't seen it
as it makes a grand gift!)

the protagonist breaking up from his wife
is obsessive-compulsive
has Tourette's

having spend years and years
professional around Bedlamites
whom I dearly love

this is one of the best
and most tragi-comic tales
about craziness I have ever seen

At 2:08 PM, Blogger RC said...

Just checked out reviews of it.I'll have to buy it.Thanks.


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