Chicano Poet

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Hip Hop Virgen De San Juan

“God’s ways are black and very seldom pleasant.”
from February And March by Robert Lowell

Shake your groove thing make it sing,
look at how she shakes her booty,
if she could only get rid of war that easy,

she quit smoking she quit drinking,
took her a while to quit the doping,
never could get men to stop their evil ways.

She shakes her groove thing,
pendulum swings, allergic to bee stings,
that song don’t belong to Bing,

she leaves the dance floor spic and span,
binges on Stonehenge, frees Amazon trees,
crawls to San Juan on her knees,

shake your groove thing make it sing,
wearing hippie garb and bling bling,
shake your groove thing ain’t my thing.


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