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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Henry’s Elegy For Mr. Potato Head

I cut off my ear for you my love
and painted this still-life of roses
with my warm blood.

The leaves are red, too,
much as I would like to be
I am not a Martian.

Yet, on a starry night if you look
in the right direction
you can see Marvin green,

but if you look at my ear
it is not a pretty sight,
it’s like a sunflower attacked by bees.

My brother Theo Bones comes by
and says what the hell
were you thinking Henry?

My head is throbbing,
my heart sobbing,
I think I’ll keep my other ear.


At 5:34 PM, Blogger FossilGuy said...

Sorry to hear about your dearth of rainwater and wish there were some way to divert it from here to there. It's still dripping outside.
We had a couple extreme high tides the past couple mornings and got a wind & rain storm pushing in on top of it .... which kicked the high water mark up higher than a lot of people had ever seen. A lot of beachfront homes in Seattle shipped water.


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