Chicano Poet

Friday, February 17, 2006

With the pen name Frank O'Hara he became famous
as a memeber of the so-called New York School
of Poetry,but few know that his real name was
Francisco O. Herrera one of the first major
Chicano poets albeit incognito and vendido.

Henry's Dune Buggy Elegy For Francisco O. Herrera

Dante's Inferno was just a barbecue pit
smoke up the yingyang
komodo dragon grease going bang bang bang

but not as bad as Petrarch's bark
his sonnets wearing Easter bonnets
to Frank O'Hara's Central Park

Frank pinned to the front bumper
of some dune buggy
the driver's shoulders shruggy

and vamoosed about his way
unconcerned he's killed a poet
like they kill 'em in Russia,South America and China.


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