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Friday, February 03, 2006

He Came Back From Iraq

He came back from Iraq,
no arms, no legs.
He was not a soldier anymore,

only a torso and a head.
After all the blood he bled
he was welcomed home by tarmac.

His heart beat like a hammer
when the bomb went off.
He woke up in the hospital

with a bandage on his head, no arms, no legs.
Funny how the generals never lose any limbs
and the Commander-in-Chief never loses any sleep.


At 2:19 AM, Blogger Brown Shoes said...

thank you for your comment RC
and for your decidedly upfront
poetic commentary here.
I will be back.


At 1:00 PM, Blogger FossilGuy said...

Ah! You noticed that about Generals and Presidents ... they seem to be excellent 'limb retainers'.


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