Chicano Poet

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Henry’s Redneck Elegy For Buck Owens

They say you invented the Bakersfield Sound,
the HeeHaw hound and Lulu’s
great big bloomers

and that you laid that bouncy little blonde,
your American flag painted guitar
famous with the country crowd.

Grandpa fiddlin’, Roy on the banjo,
even Ringo sang one of your songs
while he bubbled bongs.

You gotta act naturally now,
you can’t joke about the wife
and the bloodhound won’t lick around,

it may whimper at your passing,
it may yelp at your going
and the pearly gates will fall off their hinges.

God will be there in cowboy boots,
a cowboy hat and a big old belt buckle
that says, “Howdy, Buck!”


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