Chicano Poet

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

photo copyrighted by photosearch

Crocodile Tears

Her crocodile tears are genuine,
her panties in pig size,
at least to a Romantic poet would be nice,

a straw house tall as the Atlas Mountains
shatters the myth about the first little pig,
the sea is testing you with its snout.

The fat man doesn’t fit in the bar mirror.
Peter Lorre drops his money
in a nearby exploding star.

Pigs see color, hear bells
and they threaten each other
with an air war.

Sad, if only they had an Air Force.
Rick’s got a temper that disappoints,
Rick’s got a flower for a heart.

If you fold a napkin like the universe
you should still see the pigpen
and the writing on the wall.


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