Chicano Poet

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Orale, Henry’s Punk Rock Lobster Elegy
For The Croc Hunter, Crikey!

The B-52’s warned him,
here comes the stingray!
Devo warned him about the space ray,

here comes the ray, buey!
The Dead Kennedys told him,
don’t go to Dallas anyway.

Kobain counseled him,
don’t shot yourself in the head,
that’ll leave you dead.

The Sex Pistols pistol-whipped him
but they couldn’t knock any sense into him.
The crocodiles warned him,

stay away from the ray.
The B-52’s warned him,
here comes the stingray.

Even the stingray warned him.
But, in the end, my friend,
death is not something you can just avoid.


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