Chicano Poet

Monday, October 16, 2006

Dem Chinamen fellers, dem is sum smart
little critters. Dey built a wall to kept out
dem barbarians. Why the hell dey wanted
to keep dem out-of-towners out of their
bars is unclueless to me. Parently, the
great Confuse-us say, “ if you build it,
they will come.” Dem barbarians
couldn’t hold theys licker cuss there don’t
peer to be any of dem round nomore.


What Chuang Tzu The Butterfly Saw

I, Chuang Tzu, the butterfly am flying
over a junkyard right now,
that purple Pacer looks like it was rear-ended,

that Ford Fairlane rolled over a few times,
a Chevy van looks like it burned,
an ambulance is mortally wounded.

As I fly south I float past
the sewage treatment plant,
rising vapors make my flight unstable,

so I proceed to town,
flying past a school window
I observe a shapely blonde teacher

having sex with a student.
In a neighboring yard
I spot crimson flowers

which recognize me
and summon me with square scents
that fit my round pegs.

That Sgt.York sure is a silver-tongued devil!


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