Chicano Poet

Friday, June 22, 2007

Outer Mongolia, Texas

Willy’s wife ran off with a Mongoloid.
Cute little butt she had,
hot firm melons to boot!

Whatever happened to them, I ask you?
They were unlike us
yet just the same.

I pull the skin back
at the corners of my eyes
to make you laugh,

but you get mad instead.
We saw her once
at Busey’s Flea Market in San Antonio, remember?

Sure, sure, I tell you,
of course, I’m prejudiced,
what do you take me for?

I’m just like everyman who’s ever walked the earth,
sometimes a little bit better,
sometimes a little bit worse.

I go back to my computer,
you vacuum the living room carpet.
The Mongolian dust shouts: Hey, I have feelings, too!

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