Chicano Poet

Thursday, July 05, 2007

The Smile

I found your smile on the floor,
but you are nowhere to be found.
I kneel to pick it up.

Yes, yes, darling, it is definitely your smile.
Whose smile could it be but yours?
I know I locked the door,

and the windows are all latched.
The sun and clouds have not come in
to sit on our couch,

or snoop around in your underwear drawer.
You thongs appear undisturbed.
I’m getting very upset now,

should I call the cops?
I know they will call me a person of interest,
they will not have the balls to call me a suspect.

But, I’m certain they will take your smile from me,
and I can’t give it up---it’s all I have left.
As I say this, your smile gets even bigger. Cabrona!


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