Chicano Poet

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Penny Lane

A penny for your thoughts, you look
so pensive, babe.
I come home early from the nightshift.

No, I tell you, I wasn’t expecting Sancho,
we had our company picnic
and I got off early,

don’t you remember, I told you the other day.
And, no, she doesn’t remember,
and I don’t know if I really told her

because we don’t listen to each other anymore,
we don’t hear each other anymore,
that’s the way it is after twenty

something years, has it been that long?
I go to my computer, she continues
watching Law And Order.

The furniture stops paying attention,
the rat terrier scratches at the sliding glass door
for love--- join the club, mutt!

The roof tells the moon and stars,
“They’re at it again!” but the moon and stars
are no longer starry-eyed.


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