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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Here is a recent comment from one of my loyal visitors:

Here is a little history on how the Chicano word was chosen by the Mexican - American students of the sixties . . . it is August 1968 and I am a young, carefree and happy student at San Jose State. I am a student in the EOP program's summer progrm set up by MASC students and its chairman Daniel Hernandez. It is amongst the first programs aimed at recruiting Chicano students while at the same time there was the Black EOP recruiting Black students. A lot of blacks were brought in from the south.

Forward las camaras - I am standing in front of the student cafeteria talking to Adam Escoto and Danny Valdez walks up to us and starts talking of a meeting held by the National Council of La Raza where it was decided that it was more appropiate to use the word Chicano as a way of definig Mexican-American. Danny handed us each a button that had written on it Chicano Liberation - so off came the Mexican-American Libertion button. it was not a simple redefinition of a people but a sifting of the historical facts to define a people and its strategy for liberation. Notice I do not use the word equality. Such as, equality in a diverse society, as it is said today. I am using the word liberation. After all Tijerina had confontd the fire power of this country at a forest in New Mexico.

Who, historically, uses the word Chicano in this country is an other history lesson for another time. The Chicano historians have so far told the history of the Chicano from a Mexican immigrant viewpoint. We need the actual Raza that has been here forever, whose Indian Indian blood is Hopi, Lipan, Jumaro etc. In other word perhaps from those in the South Valley whose ancestors were present to witness the buffalos migration to the north.

Come 1973 the Chicano movement is dead. Smoked out by the US government. Any Chicano Movement after that is what the US government wants. So congrats to those who have been dragging around a carcass and could not smell the stench of death.

Esmeralda Bernal


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