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Friday, July 25, 2008

Revising The Fifties And Sixties

After seconds (maybe a minute) of research on the New York
School of Poets, popular opinion has won out, and we must
remove a few of those poets from that School and place them
into the Confessional School of Poets. First and foremost is, of
course, Frank O’Hara. He should never have been pigeon-holed
into the NYS of Poets. He was always a blushing, girlish,journal
writer. He deserves to be right there with Lowell, Berryman,
Sexton and Plath.

Elegy For Frank O’Hara

He was hit by a car,
it left a big scar.
Not on Frank,
but on poetry’s flank.

He loved Mayakovsky,
he never heard of Zukofsky.
He was a confessional poet,
now everybody know it.

Even this poem written in 1966 by the late Leroi Jones
has excluded O’Hara from the New York School.


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