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Thursday, February 26, 2009

War Games

How many times have I watched War Games?
Let me count the ways. I don’t have enough
fingers and toes. It came out today on American
Movie Classics. Lightman hacks into the school’s
computer and changes his and Jennifer’s grades.
Then he mistakenly starts playing a game of
Global Thermonuclear Warfare with the WOPR
which is buried deep in Cheyenne Mountain.
Anyway, as he pulls a tape off one of the overhead
shelves, I noticed that there were some books
up there. In all the years of watching this movie,
over and over again, today was the first day I
realized that one of the books up on that shelf
is Un Trip Through The Mind Jail. Imagine my
astonishment, my bewilderment. I’ve been
googling for hours now trying to figure out why
raul’s book is placed there. Still scratching my
head. I’ll get back to you all as soon as I figure
out this mystery.


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