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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Jive Talkin’

It has often been pointed out that Paleolithic man
invented the comma and the period even though he
possessed a very primitive and rudimentary language.
He did draw humorous cartoons---it is said that Walter
Lantz is one of their descendants, some philologists
believe that e. e. cummings may also have branched
off from them. Rudolfo Anaya has disputed all of this
tomfoolery in his epic philological work, Bless Me,
A book of exhilarating thought and leaps of faith.
I myself believe that Anaya is correct. I believe that
Paleolithic man stole the comma and the period from
the ancient Mexicans. I believe that the Egyptians stole
the idea for the pyramid from La Malinche. Obviously,
more work lies ahead to prove Anaya’s theories, but I
think that day will come, and perhaps as soon as 2012.


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