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Monday, June 28, 2010

Father Of The Atomico Bomb

Raul Lopez, father of the atomico bomb,
was picking his nose. The barrio was just
waking up. Raul had been up since three
a m . He could no longer remember what
his barrio looked like when he first moved
here in 1932. Electricity had not yet come
to the colonia. Raul had never been popular
with the girls, why he lamented that now,
escaped him. He could never bring himself
to feel up girls in school like the other snot
nosed boys. His years in high school were
devoted to tinkering with uranium. And one
day, out of nowhere. Boom! He had created
to atomico bomb. But, since he had no use
for it, he gave it to his white teachers. It
seems white people found many useful uses
for it. Raul once heard that they had wiped
out a couple of villages with it. The reason
Raul hadn’t been able to sleep was because
he had just gotten out of an Arizona jail.
Apparently he forgot his driver’s license at
home and got pulled over. The cops suspected
him of being an illegal alien. Raul was appalled.
He protested vehemently, but since he bore
all the genetic traits of an illegal alien he was
beaten and jailed. So as revenge he was
working on a new atomico bomb, but this one
would only obliterate white people. Given
Raul’s proven record I would advise all white
peoples ( some of my best friends are white)
to leave the country NOW. Vamoose. Andalay.


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