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Friday, July 09, 2010

Exploring The Face

Though the amazing technologies
found in the interiors

of the face on Mars
were a rewarding

and astounding experience
no one yet knew

what the hell they were.
Isidra and her colleagues

could only catalog
and separate

and basically
just put things

into similar piles.
It would probably be decades

before they could even
venture an educated guess.

The Martians had evidently been
an exceedingly advanced civilization,

and to the New Martians,
the earthly Martians,

it was inconceivable
how such a great

and mighty civilization
could have become extinct.

Yet, what was going on back on earth
maybe offered a clue.

As Isidra moved a panel
made of an exotic metallic foil

a chill went up her spine
as she realized,

that there,
on the wall,

was a representation
of the Pyramid of the Sun.


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