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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

The Computer Wore Wuaraches

“Rey, what the hell
is going on, hombre?”

said the skipper
in a nervous tone.

Rey was, Rey Urias,
in charge of all

computer systems
on a derelict space freighter.

The ship had been in route
to the frozen moon of Jupiter.

The harvesting of ice
had become big business,

it had become
the only way to cool

the ever warming earth
where temperatures

even at the poles
easily reached 130 degrees at night.

Yet, most conservatives
still denied

the existence
of global warming.

All Rey
would say about that was

“pinche pendejos…
tan bien bueyes…”

and those are the things
which are SFW,

in case
you’re reading this at work.


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