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Thursday, July 15, 2010

HAL 9000

Rey and his techs,
nine women and two men

were finally able
to pinpoint the computer problems,

they got the system
running at ninety percent.

Captain Chon Juarez
was pleased,

(some of the crew called him Capitan Chones
behind his back, of course)

he was too busy
to compliment anyone,

since he was
still trying to assess the damage.

A few hours later,
it turned out to be

minimal damage.
The object they had collided with

turned out to be
a thousand year old relic.

A hundred years ago
another ship had taken

a glancing blow
from this so-called HAL 9000 chingadera.

The Capitan wanted to send
a demolition team

to blow it up.
The S.S. Denham Dentifrice

was not allowed to carry weapons,
but it was transporting

mining explosives.
He finally thought better of it,

continued on to Ganymede,
the decision gnawing at his insides.

Meanwhile, Rey Urias slept well that night,
and dreamed of Debbie Rodgers.


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