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Friday, August 27, 2010

Capitán Copasllenas

The S.S. Gloria Anzaldua
had been hurtling toward Mars

when it heard about
the terrifying occurrence,

and was now
in stationary orbit

above the lab complex.
It had a load

of explosives
headed to the mining camps

on the moons of Jupiter.
Captain Lola Copasllenas

had burned a lot of uranium
on this accelerated trip.

She beamed down
the explosives as instructed

and awaited
further orders.

Lola was young,
and had been

promoted to Captain
when she was only twenty-three.

Now at twenty-eight
she was a veteran

out here on the outskirts
of the solar system.

She was the only lesbian
of the eleven female captains

making up the Mexican space fleet
of nineteen starships,

ships which were
way beyond their prime---

and with nothing akin
to the stars.


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